Efficient, software controlled, electric motors that

consume significantly
less electricity.


Versatile electric motor systems with breakthrough

flexibility, intelligence
and performance.


Connected electric motors with extensive cloud capabilities.

These smart "Internet of Things"
electric motors can be viewed
and optimized from anywhere.


Affordable smart electric motor systems that

can cut your electric
energy consumption
by up to 75%, or more.

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Smart Energy Management is Software Powered Electric Motors

The award-winning SMC Vulcan Smart Motor System brings the Internet of Things to ultra-efficient electric motors.

For motor driven systems requiring variable speed control our complete solution couples ultra-efficient smart electric motors with variable speed drives, sophisticated control and monitoring software and state-of-the-art cloud connectivity to provide the most flexible electric motor system available today.

Free of rare-earth metals, the eco-friendly SMC Vulcan Smart Motor System delivers the optimal combination of affordability, performance, efficiency and reliability for a sustainable environment.


Super-efficient, software controlled, electric motors that consume significantly less electrical energy.


Superior efficiency & torque capabilities over wide speed ranges with both 1-phase and 3-phase AC supply support ensure utmost versatility.


Data from our motors can be sent to the cloud. These are “internet of Things” capable devices that can be viewed and optimized from anywhere.


Energy savings of 25% or more and competitive prices mean our motor systems deliver tangible ROI’s for both energy bill savings and social responsibility.

With local, remote or cloud based connectivity, the SMC Vulcan smart motor solution delivers fine-grain management of your motor driven systems from anywhere, at anytime. Cloud connectivity fueled by leading IoT technology lets you securely monitor, analyze, adjust and optimize your smart motor operating parameters for  for unparallelled performance and efficiency.

SMC’s cloud solution informs your decision making. Monitor energy analytics and even tweak settings, from any device at any time. These features allow operators to be in control and positively impact not only efficiency, but the productivity and satisfaction of employees and tenants.

Internet of Things Control

Internet connectivity for each smart motor opens up a world of control, analytics and energy optimization.

Variable Speed Drive

Constant speed adjustments ensure the SMC Smart motor operates at peak efficiency at all times.

Superior Performance

Flat torque and efficiency curves over the operating speed range of 150rpm – 3600rpm with low noise, low torque ripple and superior thermal performance.

Intelligent Learning Algorithms

Our cloud controlled software uses pattern recognition and computational learning to continually improve motor control and data analysis.

Improved Building Productivity

A comfortable and functional building allows for a more productive team. Ensure your building heating, cooling and ventilation systems are contributing to your company’s productivity and benefiting your bottom line.

Reliability by Design

With easy installation, IoT/Cloud connectivity, simple upgrade features, and a robust and proven high rotor pole switched reluctance motor design, our integrated solution is designed to be reliable and easy to use.

Fine-grain Management

Our controls and IoT solution offers fine-grain management of your entire system. Capitalize on our deep analytics and big data sets to make quick, yet informed decisions.

Single or Three Phase Operation

Simplify your search for the most efficient, and intelligent motor solution. The SMC Vulcan Smart Motor can operate as both a single and three phase motor, simplifying logistics for your motor needs.