Affordable, efficient and reliable electric motor systems.

Low acquisition cost, low operating cost and low energy bills for a fast ROI.

Low Price, High Value

No rare-earth metals and a simple construction means our electric motors not only deliver high reliability but also have low manufacturing costs. With their high efficiency, extensive feature set and high performance our motors offer not only tremendous value but truly affordable pricing.

Lower Energy Bills

With superior efficiency our electric motors can significantly reduce your energy bills. Simply upgrading an old motor to a SMC Vulcan Smart Motor system can result in electrical energy savings of 25% to dramatically more. Although many factors influence the absolute energy savings independent studies* show that  upgrades to HVAC RTU’s, to add variable speed drives to fan motors. can make energy savings of between 22% and 90% with an average of 57%. An SMC Vulcan Smart Motor system with its superior efficiency can  provide incremental savings of 25% to these numbers.

*U.S. Department of Energy, Advanced Rooftop Control (ARC) Retrofit: Field Test Results

Low Cost of Ownership

Our electric motors use the highest quality bearings and materials for high reliability and long life. With the bonus of remote connectivity for motor analytics and diagnostics operational costs can be minimized and unnecessary service calls can be avoided. Instead, planned preventative maintenance can be scheduled with the correct parts available for repairs to eliminate multiple service calls that would otherwise be required to perform on-site diagnostics and return visits with parts at a later date.

Rapid ROI

Competitive pricing, reduced energy bills and low cost of ownership all combine for a strong value proposition and a rapid return on investment that can be as short as 2-years, or even less. Often, utility company incentives and rebates will significantly reduce customer acquisition costs, resulting in a tremendous value proposition and an even faster return on investment.