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At SMC, we’re dedicated to bringing greater energy efficiency, versatility, connectivity and affordability to the world’s heating, cooling and ventilation systems. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, there are 15 million motors in the 1 to 5 hp range in use today that do not meet current minimum energy efficiency standards.  While the SMC Vulcan Smart Motor system is compatible with a wide range of use cases, we currently focus our efforts on HVAC and datacenter cooling where new systems and replacement motors can do the most work and have the greatest impact.

In the US, one to five horsepower motors:

0 Million
Are Sold Each Year
0 Million
Don't Meet Current Efficiency Standards
0 %
Of All Motors In Use


No matter if you operate one building, or oversee a fleet of HVAC systems on many buildings all over the world, the Vulcan Smart Motor system is the ideal way to monitor, tweak and ensure efficiency for your operations.


Imagine you have a fleet of SMC motors’ on a roof and one of the motors goes down on a Saturday. You attempt to reboot it from the cloud-platform, but it’s clear you’ll need to send a crew and equipment to the roof to check it out.

Rather than calling the crew out on a weekend and paying time and a half, you can reprogram the SMC motors surrounding the down one, to compensate until a more convenient time to send out your crew.

As a building owner or multi-unit operator, you cannot be everywhere at once. So it’s difficult to ensure all of your buildings are operating in a cost-effective and energy efficient way. With SMC’s cloud solution, not only can you monitor the motor efficiency and operation of your fan motors, but you can often fix problems, right from your desktop, before making the decision to travel to the facility. Building managers tasked with increasing energy efficiency can now perform fine grain analytics of their fan motors performance, from building to building, and learn why some buildings perform better than others.

Data Centers

Data Centers require unique and customized airflow capabilities, to ensure product safety of servers and other key equipments. Our Vulcan Smart Motor systems work with both Computer Room Air Conditioners (CRAC) and Computer Room Air Handlers (CRAH). Data Center operators can customize airflow, easily program variable motor settings, and monitor efficiency from the cloud to see what adjustments need to be made.


Imagine that you’re in charge of managing the energy use of a data center, while still keeping your servers and facilities cool, to prevent costly repairs from overheating. Throughout the day, some server racks might heat up, and need extra cooling. The SMC cloud platform can integrate with existing building management systems, to automatically increase the cooling for one section of the data center, and do so very efficiently.

Picture that you’re in charge of managing the energy efficiency for an entire fleet of data centers. You obviously can’t be everywhere at once, so it’s tough to ensure all of your data centers are operating in a way that’s cost effective and efficient. With SMC’s cloud solution, you can monitor usage but also solve problems right from your smartphone, tablet or web browser. Not only does this save you a potential trip to the facility, but it also allows you to constantly be in the loop.