Ensure security, management and peace of mind

motors that are connected, anywhere you are.

Make intelligent decisions on your motor operations and conduct remote maintenance.

Real Time Monitoring

Our IoT connectivity offers in-depth analytics for making intelligent decisions without being in physical proximity to the smart motors themselves. Our data analytics and remote monitoring capabilities open a window into your motors performance and energy use, saving you time and money.

Remote Operations

Stop wasting personnel time with false alerts and unscheduled maintenance. With the option of cloud connectivity the SMC Vulcan Smart Motor system is always securely connected to the cloud. You can make adjustments to motor operating parameters, perform software updates, remote diagnostics, preventative maintenance, and plan maintenance schedules from the convenience of any computer, smartphone or tablet, all from the cloud.

Secure Connections

Through our enterprise class platform, we provide you with a robust and secure  Internet of Things solution. Rest assured knowing that analytics from your motors and control of your motors is secured and protected by one of the most experienced providers of trusted enterprise IoT solutions.

Increased Operating Efficiency

Take advantage of intelligent learning algorithms to:

  • Make real time adjustments to motor operating parameters to meet performance requirements maximize ongoing energy efficiency.
  • Avoid unnecessary on-site routine maintenance by creating alerts and alarms for on-site maintenance only when required.

Diagnostics and Repairs 24/7

Remote monitoring and diagnostic capabilities means you can be more efficient in your day-to-day operations and avoid unnecessarily dispatching maintenance personnel to respond to false alarms. Interact with the motor and variable speed drive via the SMC Vulcan Cloud Controller to monitor, diagnose, reboot or reprogram the SMC Smart Motor system. You can even remotely adjust motor speed, or set-up operating parameters to auto-adjust based on pre-defined conditions.