Lower your energy bills, labor expenses and carbon footprint with

one sustainable smart motor system

Efficiency, longevity, lower carbon footprints and sustainable supply chains, all come together with SMC

Industry Leading Energy Efficiency

Electric motors are the number one consumer of electric energy in the world, accounting for 45% of global electricity demand. At 91% efficiency over a wide speed range, the SMC smart motor can significantly reduce the energy consumption of motor driven systems. We employ patented switched reluctance motor technology, variable speed drives and sophisticated software to ensure optimum motor efficiency is achieved at all times. Rated to operate from 900rpm to 3,600rpm SMC Vulcan motors deliver peek efficiency over their full speed range, unlike competing motor technologies whose efficiencies can drop drastically to a small fraction of their rated efficiency when used in variable speed applications.

Lower Your Energy Footprint

Globally, electric motors, and the systems they drive, are the single largest consumers of electricity, consuming more than twice the energy consumed by the second largest end-use application of lighting. The IEA estimates that between 43% and 46% of all global energy consumption is used to power electric motor driven systems, giving rise to 6.04 Mt of CO2 emissions. In 2011 end users spent $565B (US) on electricity to power electric motor driven systems rising to almost $900B (US) by 2030.
In the United States alone there are roughly 15 million existing electric motors installed just in heating, cooling and ventilation systems that do not meet current minimum efficiency standards for electric motors.

Switching your motor fleet to SMC Vulcan motors can significantly reduce energy consumption by 25% to dramatically more, drastically lowering your carbon footprint and greatly enhancing your image of social responsibility.

Sustainable Supply Chain

Unlike induction or permanent magnet motors, the SMC Vulcan Smart Motor uses no magnets to drive the motor. Instead magnetic fields are created dynamically by charging phase windings in the motor stator in order to rotate the rotor. Hence no  rare-earth metals are used, making the production of our solution more environmentally sustainable compared to other solutions. This also protects the Vulcan Smart Motor from commodity price hikes.

Continuous Peak Efficiency

Powerful electronics and software make the SMC Vulcan Variable Speed Drive the brains of the SMC Vulcan Smart Motor system. Motor control is through a standard Modbus RTU interface, it provides the ability to monitor motor status  and make adjustments to motor speed along with other key operating parameters, to optimize motor performance and energy efficiency, providing you optimal motor performance for reduced energy costs and increased sustainability.

Upgrade Don’t Replace

In applications that can benefit from the addition of variable speed control, upgrading existing induction motors to the SMC Vulcan Smart Motor system can yield significant energy savings. For example, a HVAC RTU fan motor upgrade to a SMC Vulcan Smart Motor can achieve energy efficiency savings in excess of 75% with a simple ROI payback of less than 2-years.