The smart electric motor system.

Efficient, versatile, connected and affordable.

Our software and DSP controlled, high rotor pole switched reluctance motors deliver an efficient, versatile, connected and affordable solution for your motor driven systems.

Software Motor Corporation’s Vulcan Smart Motor System uses new technologies to dramatically improve the efficiency of the number one consumer of electricity in the world, electric motors. Controlled by powerful Digital Signal Processor’s (DSP’s) SMC’s high rotor pole switched reluctance motors deliver improvements in electrical energy consumption of 25% to dramatically more, depending on application.

In addition to delivering unprecedented efficiency, SMC’s Vulcan Smart Motor systems can be securely connected to central data repositories behind the firewall or in the cloud. When these motors are connected, the data they generate can be visualized and analyzed, automated notifications of alerts and alarms can be sent to key personnel for corrective action and decision makers gain fine grain control of motor performance from anywhere.

Through our suite of smart motor components, users gain real time insights into the operating performance and efficiencies of motor driven systems that previously was not possible. These insights contribute to reduced energy use, lower maintenance costs, enhanced operational efficiencies and multiple other benefits depending on the application.

The IoT Motor

Through robust software and intelligent sensors within the Vulcan Smart Motor system gain fine-grain control of your motor driven systems while making real-time adjustments from your web browser, smartphone or tablet to optimize motor energy efficiency and performance.

Smart Decision Making

Robust and secure cloud connectivity allows you to consistently monitor performance and conduct detailed analytics for each motor system, or a fleet of systems to optimize performance. Analyze energy use data, calibrate operating parameters, and run reports detailing your increased energy efficiency.

Around the Clock Control

Secure communication protocols provide operators with fine grain control to make adjustments to motor speed to meet changing demands.  The powerful DSP’s and sophisticated software that control our smart motor solution then ensures your motor driven systems are performing with peak efficiency at all times.

Alerts and Remote Adjustments

With a suite of powerful sensors and IoT connectivity, you can receive alerts and opt-in notifications on the operations of your smart motor system from anywhere at anytime. Install updates, perform remote diagnostics and setup motors to compensate for peaks in localized energy needs without sending personnel to make on-site adjustments.

Easy Installation

With wired or wireless configuration from the server, there is no on-site programming required. Instead, installation is a simple test to see that the motors are installed correctly. All the programming and firmware updates are handled over the cloud. Much of the cloud-platform comes prepackaged, with minimal programing on site at installation.

More Value

For the similar price of a conventional motor, SMC delivers substantially more in functionality, flexibility and value. With SMC you receive a motor that can run in both single and three phases, a Variable Speed Drive to keep the motor running at optimal efficiency at all times, and full Internet of Thing connectivity to ensure total control and optimization of your SMC system no matter where you are in the world.

Reduced Labor Cost

Stop sending crews to fix your motors when there’s a simple issue! Through our Cloud/IoT solution reduce labor cost and increase efficiency through intelligent decision making, remote adjustments, and swift preventive maintenance.

Reliability by Design

Established research indicates the designs of switched reluctance motors are inherently more reliable and energy efficient than the traditional induction motor. On top of that, SMC Vulcan Smart Motor patents deliver on fault tolerant operation, low noise and vibration and features our cloud/IoT solution for the ultimate in planned maintenance and remote repairs.