The smart choice for

a versatile, intelligent & efficient electric motor system.

Our award-winning Vulcan motor system is the most versatile, affordable, and energy efficient .5-5hp motor commercially available.

Vulcan Motor Technology

While the cloud and controls serve as the brains of our product, SMC’s Vulcan Motor system is the muscle. Using high-rotor pole switched reluctance technology, our motor utilizes patented ratios of stator to rotor poles to  address torque ripple, vibration and acoustic noise issues common with more traditional switched reluctance motor designs. Our unique design delivers a motor that runs with superior efficiently over a wide speed range, high torque, low vibration, low torque ripple, low acoustic noise all while running at low temperatures.

Fault Tolerant

These high reliability motors are extremely fault tolerant. Under normal operation three stator phase windings will power our motors to peak performance. In the unlikely event that one, or even two, of these phase windings fails our motors will continue to run and drive your motor driven systems as normal on just a single phase winding. Meaning your motor driven system will experience minimum downtime while preventative maintenance can is scheduled.

Researched and Proven

Peer reviewed research out of Illinois Institute of Technology has proven the SMC Vulcan Motor design has shown an Improvement in torque per unit volume of up to 46% over regular SR motors, as well as up to 22% decrease in winding resistance which results in an  increase in efficiency. (Desai 2010)

Seamless Compatibility

Our cloud solution works seamlessly with the motor to ensure continuous monitoring for any degradation in performance or failures, and allows operators to compensate for these issues directly from the cloud. The Vulcan Smart Motor links with our cloud platform to integrate with existing building management systems, to automatically increase the cooling for one section of a building or data center, and do so very efficiently.

Drop-in Replacement

The Vulcan smart motor solutions fit use standard NEMA frame sizes making them a drop-in replacement for any existing motor. Installation at the building is as simple as a test to ensure the motor is installed correctly. All programming and software updates are handled remotely or locally, with support from SMC.


User-friendliness is top-of-mind with the SMC Vulcan Speed Drive. Connect a PC and a slick software dashboard provides motor control, monitoring and diagnostic capabilities. When partnered with the SMC Cloud Controller secure networking to the cloud enables authenticated PC’s or mobile devices to access the same motor dashboard through our trusted IoT platform.